Clarify. Connect. Catalyze.

Mission and Vision

We help education organizations build capacity and deepen their impact by connecting them to the equity-oriented expertise, resources, and hands-on support they need to drive transformational outcomes for students, especially those from underserved communities.

We envision an education ecosystem in which every leader and educator has access to the support they need to create and sustain transformational change for their students and communities, especially those who are most marginalized.

Our Guiding Beliefs

  • Leaders know their organization needs and contexts best, and must have agency to decide what expert support they need to build team capacity.
  • Deep expertise and experience exist in the sector – and by leveraging it wisely, leaders can accelerate impact.
  • By gathering the insights that emerge as leaders and providers work together, we can build our collective understanding of what works, in what context.

Our Work

We help school systems, education agencies, postsecondary institutions, education nonprofits and philanthropies tap into the expertise of our network of education leaders and technical assistance providers in order to spur change and power organizational learning and capacity building.

  • Activate

    We build and activate diverse networks of expert talent, rich with deep knowledge, skills, and experiences across a range of areas vital to the health and impact of education organizations.

  • Clarify

    We help education leaders assess their needs and articulate the capacity building supports they are looking for.

  • Connect

    We leverage our networks, know-how, and technology to help education leaders tap into the right knowledge and expert support for their mission-critical projects.

  • Inform

    We capture the insights emerging from these projects and our work more broadly and disseminate it broadly to build the collective understanding and capacity of the sector.

Explore Our Expert Hubs and Exchanges

  • CE Expert Hubs

    Our Expert Hubs provide leaders with value-added supports in high-need, high-impact areas such as equity and innovation.

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  • CE Exchanges

    Our Exchanges work with foundations in building grantee capacity, while also supporting peer connections and learning.

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