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Catalyst:Ed connects school, system, and nonprofit leaders like you with a network of vetted providers who bring the skills, experiences, and tools you need to build your teams’ capacity for equity, innovation, and improvement.

How Our Process Works

  • Schedule a Scoping Call

    You tell us what you’re looking for. We build out a custom project scope and share it with a curated list of providers.
  • Review Your Provider Options

    You compare proposals from interested providers and decide who you want to interview. We manage the details for you.
  • Select a Provider

    You choose the right provider for your project and get started. We check-in during the project and capture your feedback once the project is completed.

About the Catalyst:Ed Network

The Catalyst:Ed Provider Network is a coalition of 750+ mission-aligned organizations and individuals with deep experience working with and supporting schools and systems and expertise across areas relevant to schools, systems, and other education organizations. Providers range from national and regional organizations (incl. nonprofits that offer technical assistance services, consulting firms, and research organizations) to independent consultants. All network members go through a rigorous three-step vetting process (applications, interviews, references).

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We work with all kinds of organizations serving kids and youth. Our clients include schools, school districts, charter school applicants, non-profits, community groups and foundations. We also work with education start-ups, startup accelerators, education consulting firms looking for excess capacity and associations.

Projects matched by us span both academic and non-academic areas and, depending on requirements, can be as short as a phone consultation or as long as a multi-year engagement. Clients come to us seeking expertise in areas as broad as strategic planning and project management and as narrow as earned revenue strategy development and Medicaid. 

Many of the projects listed on our website currently are the result of direct outreach by us. We invest significant effort into building relationships with education organizations around the country. We also get referrals from foundations, state agencies and associations. Finally, some of the projects have come to us via our network, with network members reaching out to us when they hear of work that they are unable to take on.

We’ve learned from experience that organizations often appreciate our help with scoping projects. When a project is listed we reach out to the organization to schedule time for a needs assessment. Based on the needs assessment, we develop a detailed project scope. A sample scope can be found here. Once the scope is approved by the client, we share it with network members whose skills and expertise are aligned to the project requirements.

We help you articulate and prioritize your needs, which helps us develop a detailed project scope that we then share with our provider network. Our clients find the scoping process incredibly helpful and have compared it to “part speaking with an education provider, part speaking with a therapist”.