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  • Individualized Supports

    Work with our team to articulate your needs.

  • Vetted Providers

    Get proposals from a curated set of providers.

  • Streamlined Process

    Leverage our support to seamlessly select providers.

Catalyst:Ed helps education leaders like you access and leverage the expertise, insights, and additional capacity you need to transform your organizational priorities and practices to deepen your impact, and grow and sustain your organization. We do this by helping you identify and articulate your biggest needs and connecting you to vetted experts and technical assistance providers.

Over the last three years, Catalyst:Ed has worked with 1,000+ education agencies, nonprofits, and schools. 94% of projects have met or exceeded their goals.

Individualized Support For Mission-Critical Needs

Our signature project matching process is designed to deliver high-quality, individualized support that is responsive to the needs and contexts of each organization. Here's more about how our process works.

  • Schedule a Call With a CE Advisor

    You tell us what you’re looking for. Your Catalyst:Ed Advisor builds out a custom project scope for you that reflects your unique needs and contexts, and then invites proposals from a curated list of providers with the right mix of skills and experiences.

  • Review Your Provider Options

    You receive and compare proposals from interested providers via our platform, and decide who you want to interview. We manage the details for you.

  • Select a Provider

    You choose the right provider for your project and get started. We check-in during the project and capture your feedback once the project is completed.

Partner With Us

Engage with us to intentionally and systematically build your capacity and leverage coaches, consultants, and technical assistance providers to further your priorities and transform your practices.

  • State and Local Education Agencies

    Learn more about how we support state education agencies, school districts, and charter management organizations innovate and improve to transform student outcomes.

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  • Nonprofits

    See how we help nonprofit organizations strengthen their capacity, so they can better serve students, families, and communities.

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  • Foundations

    Explore how we help foundations meet the needs of their communities, better support their grantees, and adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape.

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The Catalyst:Ed Difference

  • Broad provider network: Our diverse network of 830+ vetted providers includes nationally known organizations and research entities, as well as leaders and subject matter experts with deep knowledge of issues and communities and experiences with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Trusted advisors: Our team has decades of experience working with and supporting education agencies, nonprofits, and philanthropies, and brings deep expertise in capacity-building and continuous learning.
  • Equity focus: We have a diverse team and an equity-oriented approach to capacity-building that is reflected across all our work.
  • Structured and streamlined process: Our signature matching process and platform make it easy for our partners to identify and connect with the right expertise and perspectives for their needs and contexts.

Our Provider Network

The Catalyst:Ed Provider Network is a diverse coalition of 830+ expert consultants, coaches, and technical assistance providers with deep expertise and experience working with and supporting schools, systems, and education nonprofits.

Providers range from national and regional organizations (incl. nonprofits that offer technical assistance services, consulting firms, and research organizations) to independent consultants. All network members have gone through a rigorous three-step vetting process (applications, interviews, references).

Competency Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

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At the project midpoint and once a project is completed, we ask both parties to provide feedback and review their experiences on the project. The feedback is shared with the counterparty. Providers who propose for projects have the option of sharing their past feedback with prospective clients, although we do not require them to do so. We also ask both parties to review their experiences with Catalyst:Ed, so we can get better at serving our network.

Meeting our customers’ expectations is core to our mission. Email us at [email protected] if you are dissatisfied for any reason, and we will work with you to ensure a successful outcome.

Yes, we do have options available for these two scenarios. Email us at [email protected], and we will get in touch with you right away.

Just let us know, and we will send you a project scope revision form.

Catalyst:Ed offers an easy to use payment system through which providers can be paid.