• Access New Opportunities

    Learn about and apply for projects that are aligned to your passion, skills and expertise.
  • Broaden Your Network

    Gain opportunities to connect with a wider range of organizations and leaders nationally.
  • Maintain Autonomy

    Choose projects to work on based on your interest and availability.

You have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with education leaders to transform their work and strengthen their teams. We want to amplify your reach and impact.

How Our Process Works

  • Get Alerted to Opportunities

    We email you each time an organization reaches out with a need that is aligned to your skills and interests. You review the scope and decide if you want to respond.
  • Respond Based on Your Interest

    Submit a brief proposal through our platform. Organizations review all submissions and conduct interviews with candidates before they make a decision.
  • Get Started

    Leverage help from our team and your peers during the project. After the project is completed, receive and share feedback and reflections with the client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Learn more about our application and vetting process here.

No. We take your privacy very seriously. Your profile will not be available to anyone unless you apply for a project or you explicitly give us permission to profile you in our list of “Featured Providers”. If you do apply for a project, we will share your profile information with the organization that posted the project.

If a project is aligned with your areas of expertise, you will get an email via our technology platform.

We are constantly refining our matching process. As of now, we match along multiple dimensions, such as subject area (e.g., personalized learning, education policy, human capital management, etc.), project type (e.g., design, implementation, coaching, facilitation, etc.), experience level (Senior, Mid, Junior, etc.) and location (relevant for many, although not all projects).

No – it is entirely up to you whether to apply or not. We recognize that you may not have capacity or may not be interested. If you’re not sure about the timing or the fit, you are always welcome to ask. There is no penalty for not applying to projects.

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