Catalyst:Ed Mission

We help education organizations build capacity and deepen their impact by connecting them to the expertise, resources, and hands-on support they need to drive transformational outcomes for students, especially those from underserved communities.

In order to deliver on the mission, the Programs Team:

Delivers high-quality services that meet authentic needs of field leaders and helps organizations grow their capacity and deepen their impact to drive transformational outcomes for students, especially those from underserved communities. In order to deliver on this promise, the Programs team:

  • Works in partnership with organizations to understand their needs and connects them with expertise, resources, and support. This includes leading the strategic direction, management, and execution of our project matching services provided to the general public, within Catalyst:Ed’s Exchanges and Expert Hubs, and via other forms of capacity building services.
  • Delivers coordinated, streamlined, thoughtful, and high-quality customer service to organizations and providers
  • Manages networks and cohorts to support learning opportunities, community building, and resource sharing.
  • Supports the development of providers in the Catalyst:Ed network through engagement in community and learning activities.
  • Assures that organizational values and equity-orientation are represented across all programmatic efforts
  • Maximizes organizational learning and quality improvement, and field-facing learning by developing and disseminating various forms of content to Catalyst:Ed’s staff and stakeholders.

Your Role Within the Programs Team

Catalyst:Ed seeks an intern to support our programmatic alignment and learning efforts, allowing us to better support education organizations in the field. The intern will be fully integrated into our Programs teams, meeting regularly with team members, learning about the work of our organization, and providing critical support on key organizational projects. The intern will have an opportunity to learn from leaders and partners across our team in areas of interest to them.

Specifically, this work includes:

Conduct analyses and make recommendations for how to improve our project scoping, matching, and pricing in the capacity areas of Strategic Planning and Implementation support and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. To do so, we anticipate the following key activities:

  • Conduct qualitative analysis of Catalyst:Ed project scopes to answer questions such as:
    • For a given competency area, what are all the possible activities and deliverables for a project like this? Which show up for or less often in our scopes?
    • What are the different prices we have assigned to projects in this competency area, and how does that vary based on activities and deliverables?
    • What is a standard set of activities and/or deliverables at different price points, and how should this vary based on organizational context?
  • Engage with a select group of network providers to gather consulting proposals for similar projects, and compare Catalyst:Ed project scopes with provider proposals to understand how much providers charge for projects when they are not working through Catalyst:Ed and how that aligns with Catalyst:Ed budgets.
  • Draft recommendations in the form of a set of templated project scopes for strategic planning and DEI projects at key price points, to be determined once the initial analysis is complete.

Skills and Qualifications

  • You are currently enrolled in graduate schools or recently earned your graduate degree.
  • You have an interest in working in the nonprofit and/or education sector, and you have an interest in education
  • You are able to work independently, in a remote environment, and prioritize time and tasks according to team deadlines and importance, asking for help when this is complicated.
  • You are operationally-minded, and very comfortable independently learning about and working with web applications and technology systems
  • You have an equity-focused mindset
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • You have strong active listening skills
  • You have strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • You easily build relationships with others and have a service-oriented mindset
  • You have strong attention to detail

About the position:

  • This is a fully remote position. You will be expected to provide for yourself a workspace, computer, and reliable internet access.
  • The expected duration of this internship is 8 weeks, with start and end dates based on a mutually-chosen schedule for the intern and Catalyst:Ed.
  • As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Catalyst:Ed will work with you to secure funding through your graduate school’s public service internship support program (if applicable). If funding is not available to you, Catalyst:Ed will provide an honorarium of $5000.

How to apply
Applications are currently closed. We will review applications on a rolling basis shortly after they are received.
Catalyst:Ed has a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply, particularly folks who identify as people of color, first generation, low income or LGBTQ.