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Data Collection And Management Strategy

You need this if:

You need help designing a student data collection and management strategy that will support the school’s personalized learning strategy and provide a foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Key activities conducted by consultant may include:

  • Constitute a project working group consisting of school leadership, teachers and operations staff.
  • Work closely with the working group to articulate vision for student data use in the school and in classrooms. Translate vision into specific data needs for different roles or teams.
  • Identify list of data currently collected and used by various roles or teams. Map against data needs to identify data gaps and redundancies.
  • ┬áPropose a data collection, usage and management strategy. Elements could include: key metrics, data collection processes, data use protocols, appropriate technology tools, required infrastructure upgrades, data access and systems integration requirements, data quality control, data security protocols and data maintenance schedule and responsibilities.
  • Benchmark proposed data strategy against other similar schools, as appropriate. Budget cost of roll out and ongoing implementation. Finalize data strategy and associated budget and timeline in partnership with working group.
  • Develop a detailed implementation plan with clearly defined tasks, assigned responsibilities and timelines.

Key deliverables:

  • Document summarizing current state, benchmarking with other schools and proposed data strategy
  • Detailed budget and implementation plan