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Voting is now open, and we need your support to bring our team and our providers to SXSW EDU 2024. Your vote can shape the conversations at this pivotal conference and ensure our voices and perspectives are reflected and amplified.

Our Proposed Sessions

Real Talk: Are K-12 Nonprofits & EdTech Driving Inequity? (Vote)

In education, we talk a lot about how school systems are designed to produce exactly the outcomes they do for students and communities. But what if the nonprofit and ed tech sectors are part of the problem? What if how we work, alone and together, is designed to produce exactly the kind of inequitable outcomes we’re asking districts and teachers to address? In this candid session, Catalyst:Ed’s CEO, Leona Christy, will join the panel to talk about the ways the K-12 support sector is contributing to inequity for learners, and we’ll explore ways to change how we work, scale, and measure our impact to change that.

Women Entrepreneurs of Color Ignite Innovation in Education (Vote)

Women of color entrepreneurs are a major engine of innovation in the education sector today. This panel, moderated by Leona, will unpack these unique contributions, chronicling the journeys of three women entrepreneurs of color who launched and sustained education businesses – and who are also part the Catalyst:Ed provider network. While their business models – focused on equitable research and evaluation, authentic family engagement, and transformative leadership and strategy – have little in common, the throughline of how their identities and focus on equity impact their approach provides guidance and inspiration to the next generation of women of color entrepreneurs.

Beyond Collaboration: The Power of Collective Impact (Vote)

This panel session will delve into the power and potential of collective impact as a catalyst for transformative change in the nonprofit and social sector. By bringing together experts from backbone support organizations, we will explore successful strategies, innovative approaches, and challenges faced when working collaboratively towards a common goal. Through real-world case studies and interactive discussions, attendees will gain practical insights and actionable steps to enhance their collective impact efforts.

Higher Education’s Role in the Racial Wealth Gap (Vote)

College is touted as a pathway to prosperity–but is it really? Despite efforts to widen college doors, disparities persist, with white families holding more education and wealth than Latino or Black families. Higher education perpetuates inequality, serving as a superhighway to prosperity for the privileged. As a collective impact network, the Higher Ed Equity Network is focused on college’s role as a launching pad for economic mobility. Panelists will present current data on the racial wealth gap, college access and completion, and share actions for leaders in a post-affirmative action era.

How You Can Help

Voting is easy. Follow the ‘Vote’ links above to cast your ballot for each session or follow these three easy steps:

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  2. Use the PanelPicker search bar to find each of our proposed discussions.
    • Real Talk: Are K-12 Nonprofits & EdTech Driving Inequity?
    • Women Entrepreneurs of Color Ignite Innovation in Education
    • Beyond Collaboration: The Transformative Power of Collective
    • Higher Education’s Role in the Racial Wealth Gap
  3. Click the icon next to our sessions to cast your vote. Remember, every vote counts so be sure to share with your colleagues, friends, and networks.

Together, we can bring these vital conversations to the forefront of SXSW EDU 2024. Thank you for your support! 

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