Enabling Recovery and Reinvention:
Supports for State and Local Education Agencies

Chart a clear, equity-centered, and human-oriented path forward.

As we prepare for the 2021-22 SY, school, and system leaders nationally are grappling with a new set of questions: How do we meet the immediate, post-pandemic needs of our students, families, and staff? How might we leverage federal and state funding to reinvent ourselves and create transformational outcomes for our students? How do we balance our priorities and make progress despite complexities and competing demands on our time and resources? We invite you to explore the resources below to help you get centered and get help.

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Hear From Our Partners

Catalyst:Ed’s Recovery and Resilience Fund launched in April 2020 to meet educational needs created by the pandemic. With support from the Barr Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Catalyst:Ed connected 175+ schools and systems nationally to expert support, disbursing over $2 million in grant funding and ensuring schools received the help they needed to navigate an unprecedented time. Here’s what some of our partners had to say about their experience working with network members.

  • Our provider was an EXCELLENT listener right from the beginning. She brought a lot of knowledge to the project, but she was also very willing to listen and respond to our needs so that the product was tailored to fit the needs of our district. The process never felt like it was a canned approach. We felt as though the team was truly collaborative in their approach, and could sense that right at our first meeting.

    Malden Public Schools
  • Our providers were professional, informative, and delivered an amazing work product that matched all of our ideal outcomes. Their background in charter school administration and fundraising was particularly useful, and this was one of the smoothest processes we’ve ever had with a consultant!

    City on a Hill Charter School
  • Our providers were really strong in terms of academic content and excellent at supporting a team in building a vision for the work and then delivering content aligned to that vision.

    Providence Public Schools
  • The Catalyst:Ed team took time to listen to our priorities and needs without trying to push any particular project or body of work on us. Out of that process, we were able to come up with the right projects that truly addressed our needs.

    SEA Exchange participant
  • We appreciated our provider’s flexibility throughout this project. In this project, we aimed to do collaborative work with our community partners, which required a more extended timeline than we anticipated. Our provider was attentive to the needs of our group as well as our district during this pandemic year and was able to deliver results that met our needs.

    Lowell Public Schools
  • Our consultant partner was very responsive to the emerging needs of our work, even as we were developing new policy guidance in parallel with this project timeline.

    SEA Exchange participant

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