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The Catalyst:Ed Equity Fund helps support consultants of color in our network so they can grow in scale, impact, and resilience.

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The need for a diverse and robust ecosystem of equity-focused consultants of color has never been greater. At Catalyst:Ed, we envision an education ecosystem where every leader and educator has access to the support they need to create and sustain transformational change for their students, especially those from historically marginalized and underserved communities.

To get there, we must invest in diverse coaches, facilitators, consultants, and technical assistance consultants from all over the United States, especially those of color, so they reflect the experiences and perspectives of the students, families, and communities that the organizations ultimately serve.

Yet, these consultants face the same challenges as other entrepreneurs of color regarding their ability to access the support and capital they need to grow and sustain their businesses.

  • Entrepreneurs of color operate more than 8 million businesses.

    (SBA, 2021)

  • Entrepreneurs of color are 30% more likely to experience a lack of capital and relevant networks.

    (Forbes, 2018)

  • Among firms that started with at least $100,000 in capital, only 18% are owned by entrepreneurs of color.

    (Kauffman, 2016)

Your donation today helps us support the providers of color in our network, so they can better support organizations.

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