I work for a firm/vendor that provides services to organizations on a contract basis. Can I apply to be a part of the Catalyst:Ed network?

Yes, you may. You can apply as an individual or on behalf of the firm. The firm level application is best if you are applying on behalf of a mid- to large-sized firm with multiple areas of expertise. That way even as we “tag” you with your individual areas of expertise in our system, we also have a sense of the additional capabilities that your firm may bring to support work that you may do on projects. E.g., a consultant with solid strategic planning expertise may work with a firm that also brings technology expertise (even though she herself may not have those skills). On the other hand, if you primarily work as an independent consultant or with a smaller boutique consulting firm, the individual level application would be a better fit. Either way, you must commit to being a part of the team on any project that you propose to.

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