Two Holidays, One Message: Passover and Ramadan’s Connection to Social Justice and Racial Equity

by Sana Ali Meghani, Associate Partner of Programs

For a second year in a row, Ramadan and Passover coincided this month, a rare occurrence that happens only three times a century. As I reflected on the overlap of these holidays, I invited my colleague, Rachel Klein, to a conversation about the similarities in the lessons these holidays teach us. In this conversation, Rachel and I share those lessons and highlight the power of recognizing our differences, commonalities, and personal values in a shared work context.

At the heart of Ramadan and Passover are narratives of resistance against oppression. These stories are particularly relevant to contemporary movements for social justice and – especially in the US – serve as reminders to actively combat injustice and address systemic racism in order to achieve the justice we seek. We also share personal anecdotes and experiences related to our respective traditions, highlighting the significance of fasting and community service during Ramadan and the symbolic rituals of Passover. Listen to our conversation to gain deeper insight into these holidays and how their teachings can inspire our work in social justice and racial equity. Eid Mubarak!

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